Children and Families

happy-family-icons_23-2147506164 I have gained extensive experience working with Children ,Young People and Families in primary, secondary and independent schools across the region. I also provide external consultancy for Barnardos, Orchard Mosaic Project.

Many Children, Young People and their families have chosen to attend Teesdale Counselling Services for the following reasons:-

  • Private and confidential location without a school or clinical environment.
  • No lengthy delays of NHS and/or school waiting lists; appointments are usually available within 2 weeks.
  • Early intervention, addressing issues and concerns without delay.
  • Out of school hours.
  • Treatment is tailored to your needs without constraints of time limited therapy.
  • A choice of therapy rooms suitable for one to one talking therapies or more creative activities.
  • A private room onsite for parents/guardians or other family members to wait during therapy sessions if preferred.

“It has been really good since I was able to talk about my feelings and how my life has been.” (11 years old)

“My child is much more confident now and interested in her school work.” (Mum)

“I can honestly say that I feel much better now” (10 years old)

“…talking about important things” (6 years old)

“I really enjoy coming and feel that this is a safe place for me to get rid of all my stuff” (13 years old)

“It helps me learn to cope with what’s going on and how to deal with it” (15 years old)

“My daughter knows she has somewhere where she can come to talk about her problems and difficulties in private” (Parent)


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