The Initial Appointment – Adults and Couples

You may choose to attend an initial appointment which will last around 20 minutes and is free of charge allowing you to meet me, discuss your needs and give you the chance to ask me any questions. If you are happy to proceed with therapy at this point, you can start your first session straight away or book your sessions for a time which is convenient to you.

The Fee

The charge per session is £40.00 for adult individuals.

The charge per session is £50.00 for couples.

The charge per session is £55.00 for families.

Children and Young People

Initial Assessment is £60.00.

The initial assessment will last for one hour. This will allow you and members of your family to attend to discuss how counselling may help you and initially assess any presenting issues.

The charge per subsequent session for children and young people is £45.00.

All Appointments last 50 minutes and usually take place once a week, however we can tailor these to your own requirements.
Following your first 6-8 sessions of therapy there will be a review in which you are given the option to extend the number of sessions.

The Payment

Payment for your first counselling session is payable in advance at your initial appointment by cash or cheque. Alternatively you can use our bank transfer facility.

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