The charge per session is £50.00 for adult individuals.

The charge per session is £60.00 for couples.

The charge per session is £65.00 for families.


The fee for EMDR is £75.00 per 60 minutes. Sessions can be for 60 or 90 minutes.

Children and Young People

Initial Assessment is £70.00.

The initial assessment will last for one hour. This will allow you and members of your family to attend to discuss how counselling may help and assess any presenting issues.

The charge per subsequent session for children and young people is £55.00.

All Appointments last 50 minutes and usually take place once a week, however we can tailor these to your own requirements.


The cost for a course of hypnotherapy over 3 sessions is £190.00 including a personalised recording.

The Payment

Payment for your first counselling session is payable in advance at your initial appointment by cash or cheque. Alternatively you can use our bank transfer facility; if paying by bank transfer, please ensure sessions are paid for 24 hours ahead of your appointment time.

You can view our client contract and confidentiality statement below, you will receive a copy at your first therapy session


Confidentiality: We will treat your personal information with respect and confidentiality subject to the requirements of the law and to protect you and/or others from the risk of harm. There may be occasions when information is provided to other professionals in order to protect you or others from harm. Examples of these circumstances include situations where a child is at risk, where you or others may be at risk, or where a law or a court requires us to disclose information. We will also disclose information at your request where appropriate.

Records and Access to Records: It is normal practice for us to keep a record of our sessions with you, which may include factual details, reflection on the counselling process, the making of therapeutic contracts and progress towards goals. With some notice, you may view your session records. We will need your written permission if you want us to disclose all, or part of your session records to someone else. Our records are securely held in line with the Data Protection Act 1998 and may be retained for up to 20 years.

Supervision: It is a professional requirement for counsellors to regularly discuss their work in supervision with an experienced practitioner; clients are not identified in supervision. The supervisor has a duty of care to support your counsellor in maintaining good professional and ethical practice.

Sessions: Sessions last 50 minutes and usually take place once a week, although fortnightly appointments are also available. Optimum benefits of therapy are achieved if delivered on a weekly or fortnightly basis. Individual counselling can be for a fixed number of sessions, or you can continue on a longer term basis according to your needs. We will perform regular reviews during your sessions and they will be tailored to your own requirements and treatment plan.

Information Sharing: We will not share your information with any other 3rd party unless we are required to do so legally. In this situation we will contact you to seek your written permission. If you want us to disclose any information from your sessions or to confirm you are receiving counselling, please speak to your counsellor.

 Our Charges: The cost of a 50-minute counselling session is £50.00 for individuals and £60.00 for couples. EMDR sessions cost £75 for 60 minutes, sessions can last for 60 or 90 minutes. Non-therapeutic meetings are charged at the standard sessional rate.

How to Pay: Payment can be made either by cash or cheque to your therapist at the end of each session. Alternatively you can use our bank transfer facility; if paying by bank transfer, please ensure sessions are paid for 24 hours ahead of your appointment time.

Cancellation: We ask you to give us a minimum of 24 hours notice if you are unable to attend an appointment. If insufficient notice is given, the missed session will be charged for. If you arrive late for a session, the session will end at the appointed time. Likewise, if for any reason we have to cancel an appointment, we aim to provide you with 24 hours’ notice.

Comments, Compliments and Complaints: Will be welcomed, encouraged and valued as a way of continuously improving our counselling service. Please ask for details about our professional conduct and complaints procedure.

Insurance: Our therapists have Professional Indemnity Insurance, Public Liability Insurance and an accredited certificate to practice.

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