chatOnline counselling can offer you the flexibility of choice as to which media would suit you best.

Email – you can choose either (secure password protected) email counselling when you email your issues and what is troubling you and you will receive an email response that will be up to and around 1500 words. You will receive this reply within 24 hours.

Skype – we can set an appointment date and time that will suit you for a 50-60 minutes session.We offer daytime and evening appointments by prior booking.

Live chat – for 50-60 minutes, if you would prefer us to correspond this way. 50-60 minute appointments are available daytime and evening by prior booking.

All the above can be tailored to suit your needs. We offer an initial consultation of around 15-20 minutes which is free of charge and covers contractual matters and your desired goals and outcome of your therapy.

The rate per email, Skype or live chat session is £35.00 and payment can be made in advance via our online PayPal facility on the fees page of this website.

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