“If you want to conquer the anxiety of life, live in the moment, live in the breath.”
Amit Ray

mindfulness picMindfulness is a state of mind you can achieve whilst focusing your awareness in the present moment. Mindfulness means you are paying attention in a particular way, on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgementally.


Mindfulness is now being taught in many sectors to improve all round wellbeing and as a stress reduction programme.

Here at TCS, we have first hand experience of the benefits of mindfulness both from our clients and our own experiences.

Q – Who can learn mindfulness?  A – Anyone, any age anywhere:-

  • Children from age 4 years
  • Adults
  • Schools
  • Children and Young People Groups
  • Corporate Groups
  • Workplace

What the mindful say:-

“Jo kindly came into our office during a Menopause Awareness Week being run by the Wellbeing Team.  She came in to deliver a Mindfulness Experiential Workshop for staff, and it was very well received.  We had a good attendance, and all of the staff felt thoroughly engaged throughout the workshop.  We felt it was a good mixture of background information to what Mindfulness actually is, and also some techniques that can be used by anyone in order to practice Mindfulness in their everyday lives.  Jo finished off with a lovely relaxation, which everybody loved and talked about a lot afterwards!  The staff who attended found the session very interesting and, most importantly, something that they could incorporate into their lives.  Mindfulness is wonderful, and all workplaces should get Jo in to teach their staff about how to use it!” – Land Registry, Durham. 

“I am really enjoying the mindfulness and finding it very helpful – thank you”

“I feel as though I switched off more than last week and felt very relaxed.”

“Thank you for supporting me to join your mindfulness group. I felt understood in a very welcoming and caring environment”.

“It has helped me to focus more on the things that matter”.

Please enquire about a mindfulness programme for you or your organisation. Contact Jo Warren on 01833 630984 or 07582 017585.


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